On a Mission…

If there’s one thing I really want to do, it is to get a better understanding of the true nature of time, and yes – that is supposed to sound as deep as it does! Time has always fascinated and eluded me. Based on my own perceptions, and not necessarily so scientific approach; the passage of time is never a constant, it fluctuates like the tides of the ocean – if that makes any sense? Let me put it another way; sometimes my perception of say 1 hour, can appear to take longer than other perception of an hour based on the context of my situation and mental alertness…

Taking subjectiveness into account, this could be simply meaningless. However it could also hint at a very direct relationship between time and human consciousness; more specifically level of concentration! So, coupled with this new perspective on time, would it ever be possible to control one’s own concentration to such a point as to cancel out the passage of time, even but for just one moment?

A single thought could last a lifetime! With all the mysteries of the quantum universe unfolding around us; with it’s own questions whose to say, the human mind doesn’t have a few quantum tricks of it’s own?? Whether it be a simple quantum by-product of nature, or an actual lifetime’s thought; who will ever know? It’s all a bit of a paradox really?

Could anyone out there actually discuss time from a leyman’s point of view, forget the scientist, forget the mathematician, or the engineer – just a simple leyman. An alien makes first contact with Earth, you are the lucky one who finds you can communicate in a common language – how would you describe the concept of time?

And here’s a real head exploder!! This is a point of view I simply accept; without any direct evidence; call it a belief if you like – I believe that all the things we DON’T see in the universe around us conform to a pattern, I mean who’s to say when you’re NOT looking things aren’t in perfect symmetry!? For all you choas junkies out there, I would argue that chaos is simply a pattern too – just one we have no current concept of recognising yet. It’s like static on an untuned TV – to 99.99% (unqualified number) of us it appears to be random in nature; however with my pattern belief this apparently random static is a pattern like any other; we’re just not clever enough to see it yet.

So, maybe – just maybe time has some part to play in all of this pattern malarky? Understand time, understand the universe, even the bits you can’t see!